Vitamin IM Injections

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Vitamin IM Injections

Intramuscular (IM) therapy

Nutrient injections are a quick, efficient way to get your vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Whether you are looking to boost your energy, maximize your weight loss, or reduce your pain- these 5-minute injections are a great addition to your healthy lifestyle.

These injections can also be customized to you based on your specialized lab results.

Available shots:

  • Energy: Feeling overworked and overwhelmed? Need a boost? Improve your energy levels with a powerful combination of amino acids and vitamins including Coenzyme Q 10, Taurine, and B vitamins.
  • Weight loss: Want a jump kick on the weight loss process? This combination of vitamins and amino acids supports weight loss by boosting fat metabolism and metabolic rate. Taurine and Carnitine are great at revving up that metabolism so you can feel your best while losing weight.
    Immune: Under the weather? Traveling soon? Boost your immune function with this combination of homeopathic herbs and vitamins to reduce severity of your illness and improve healing time.
  • Pain: Experiencing muscle cramps or spasms? Body aches and pains? This shot is for you! It is a combination of vitamins and homeopathic herbs that will naturally relax muscles and ease pain. $35
  • Need something stronger? We can add Toradol, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) that provides short term opioid level pain reduction for acute pain. This can only be given with a provider’s orders.
  • Detox: Help clear toxins from the body naturally with this powerful homeopathic and vitamin injection. This shot will help fight free radical damage and support your liver. This is a great option if you are feeling sluggish, struggling with pain, or if you over indulged over the weekend.
  • B vitamins: Supports optimal health with a potent combination of B vitamins. Perfect if you are looking to maintain or improve overall wellbeing.
  • B-12: Improves energy, mood, and stress. It is also important for memory and the immune system. B-12 is a staple in every IM injection.
    Super B’s: B12 and all the additional B vitamins.

Benefits of IM shots:
• Quick
• Boost energy
• Aid in detoxification
• Strengthen the immune system
• Improve hair, nails, and skin
• Promote weight loss and healthy metabolism
• Decrease pain naturally
• Improve mood
• Decrease stress

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