Let Your Imagination Run Wild with the Pleasurable Orgasm Shot

Women are always on a quest for the best, most toe-curling orgasm ever. But did you know it can be described just like any other medicine?

Orgasms might have more to do with our overall health than we give them credit for.

So, what exactly happens when we orgasm? The intense contraction of the uterus accompanied by aftershocks has a ripple effect throughout the body and the brain.

Built to boost sensation, the orgasm shot can enhance your orgasms. In technical terms, “The female orgasm is a variable, short-lived sensation of intense pleasure accompanied by involuntary rhythmic contractions of the pelvic circumvaginal musculature, often with concomitant uterine and anal contractions,” stated Macrene Alexiades, M.D., a New York–based dermatologist whose practice treats not just the skin on the face, but also the vagina.

Orgasms’ increase dopamine, oxytocin, norepinephrine, and testosterone levels which can synergistically improve mood and cognition, diminish anxiety and stress responses, and inhibit skin aging. The clitoris is full of nerve endings, 8,000 of them to be exact, and a O-Shot significantly enhances sensitivity,

Let’s take a closer look at how it all goes down.

What is the Orgasm Shot (O-Shot)?

The O-Shot is a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment that’s geared toward rejuvenating the sensations in both the clitoris and G-Spot.

First, the non-surgical O-Shot involves applying numbing cream to the clitoral area and the G-Spot. Next, a doctor draws your blood, spins it in a centrifuge, and retrieves the platelets (the regenerating tissue in your blood cells).

Lastly, the doctor will numb the vaginal and clitoral region (numbing cream and local anesthesia) and inject a certain amount of thee spun PRP into the clitoral glans.

The remaining PRP is injected under the vaginal skin around the G-spot area. More than one injection can be administered if the doctor deems it necessary.

The O-Master

Orgasms are not just about pleasure. They can also be an important aspect of health as they trigger the release of the hormones, which help the body relax, reduce stress, and help fight depression.

The orgasm shot increases blood flow, nerve function, and collagen production, which ultimately improves sensation and function and heightens orgasms. The man in your life can jump on-board too with a similar shot (P-Shot) to improve erectile function.

While it may seem painful and unbelievable, the O-Shot is painless, requires zero downtime, and you can achieve increased sexual desire and natural lubrication to greater arousal and stronger, more frequent orgasms. And honestly, for most it’s a life-changing experience.

With the O-shot at RMB Institute, you can enjoy a more positive and fulfilling sex life. Make an online appointment with RMBI to learn more.