5 Ways for Men to Make an Orgasm Better

Orgasms represents the pleasurable peak between the build-up and release of sexual tension. Yes, yes, yes! But when it comes to male pleasure, what can help to have all-around better orgasms?

With the male orgasm deeply shrouded in mystery, the ‘oohs’ during sex have often been considered a sign of a major orgasm. RMBI has discovered a way to help men go from ‘oohs’ to ‘aahs’.

So how do you truly enhance the male orgasm to be even better for you? Boosting the male orgasm comes down to five crucial factors. Let’s go on an adventure into these pleasure-packed tips.

Touch the Taint

If you haven’t already been introduced, the taint is for touching. The taint is one of the highly erogenous zones that responds well to sexual stimulation. Massaging the perineum can enhance other forms of sexual stimulation, and it can even lead to orgasm on its own.

Shorten Refractory Period

Mentally, the male mind is ready for round two after achieving an orgasm, but most guys physically can’t get another erection immediately following sex. The refractory period is the time after a man ejaculate when he is no longer able to have an erection. The best way to decrease refractory time is by increasing arousal.

Eat an Orgasm-Friendly Diet

Eating an orgasm-friendly diet will help every facet of your sex life. Incorporate more greens, like kale and cabbage, to increase blood flow to the genitals. And make sure you are getting your daily dose of eggs that ease stress and are important for a healthy libido.

Take Deep Breaths

Match your breaths with your thrusts. Try to slow it down until it’s in tune with your thrusts. Keeping it slower will improve the amount of oxygen and blood flow that reaches your genitals, making your climax even stronger. As soon as you feel yourself climaxing, remember to take a deep breath!

Get the P-Shot

We saved the best for last. P-Shot injections, also known as the Priapus Shot, can help you achieve stronger, firmer, and longer-lasting male orgasms. By utilizing Platelet-Rich Plasma from your own blood, the P-Shot can be an effective option for stronger erections, increased penis length and girth, and improved sexual stamina.