The Sexual Wellness Shot for Men You Didn’t Know About

Many of us have the privilege of control over our sexual wellness but are struggling to get the fire lit with our partner. What do you do if the man if your life needs a little help bringing the heat back to the bedroom? While it is normal for your sexual desire to go through declines, how do you reignite the flame?

Well, we’ve got the tea — or rather the P. The P-Shot, also known as the Priapus-Shot improves the hardness, sensitivity, and size of the penis. And why not try out the famous O-Shot while you’re at it, the non-surgical procedure known to rekindle vaginal and clitoral function by intensifying sensitivity and boosting sex drive. Sounds like a win, win! So, what exactly is this sensitizing sexual treatment for men? Let’s find out.

What is the P-Shot?

By using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) extracted directly from the body, the P-Shot can provide long-lasting results without the risk of allergic reaction or irritation, which can occur with other products that encourage male enhancement.

PRP naturally contains growth factors and proteins that activate the stem cells within the penis — stimulating cellular repair and regeneration. The promotion of collagen production leads to the development of new blood vessels, accelerates new tissue growth, and ultimately improves the health, circulation, strength, and size of the penis.

In addition to improved strength and stimulation, the P-Shot provides notable benefits, including:

  • Improvements in orgasm
  • Reduction in time needed between erections
  • Boost in sexual stamina
  • Heightened self-confidence
  • Eradication of pain triggered by erections

The P-Shot at RMBI

Named for the Priapus, the Greek god of virility, the P-Shot can improve a man’s sexual experience or treat problems with erectile dysfunction. RMBI has years of experience in administering the P-Shot with PRP serum for maximum benefits. While the number of injections vary, the procedure typically consists of five small, painless injections.

The longevity of the P-Shot will be different for every patient and offers a long-term solution to traditional medications for optimal performance.