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Regenerative Therapies

Regenerative medicine can be defined as ‘an interdisciplinary field of research and clinical applications focused on the repair, replacement or regeneration of cells, tissues or organs to restore impaired function resulting from any cause, including congenital defects, disease, trauma and ageing’.

Regenerative aesthetics refers to the application of regenerative medicine principles in aesthetic or cosmetic treatments, products and services. Regenerative medicine is the harnessing or management of the body’s own natural potential to repair, restore and rejuvenate damaged or aging cells and structures to a more healthy and youthful state. The human body is blessed with an incredible potential to repair and rejuvenate itself through the intricate and complicated interaction of growth factors and specific signaling peptides.


The Vampire Facial®

There are 4 elements of natural beauty in a man or a woman’s face.

These elements are:

Shape  Color  Texture  Size

Shape always trumps size when it comes to natural beauty. RMBI are careful that when there is a need to increase size we do it in a way that always appears natural and beautiful.

The Vampire Facial® uses PRP to enhance all 4 elements of natural beauty!

Using your own PRP during micro needling is a powerful tool to achieving your younger healthier look. PRP treatment stimulates growth of newer and healthier cells while healing damaged skin tissue.

Not only does The Vampire Facial® help you achieve a younger look it is also great for:

  • Minimalizing appearance of acne scars
  • Lessons the appearance of Melasma
  • Younger and Healthier looking skin

The Vampire Facial® is an amazing way to bring out your youthful color and the texture of your skin.

The PRP naturally produces fat cells and collagen in the face. This helps build your natural shape and size.

When will you see results The Vampire Facial®?

Just like with all PRP procedures the patient will see the full results between 8 and 12 weeks. However, the patient should start to see a difference after the first 2-3 weeks. Each patient heals differently so the results are different for each individual.

Contact us to get your revived youth & restored beauty TODAY!

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