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Neural Prolotherapy / Peri-neural therapy

Perineural Injection Therapy (Neural Prolotherapy) is an exciting breakthrough in the treatment of pain! Perineural Injection Therapy combines the treatment principles of both neural therapy and prolotherapy.

In neural therapy small subcutaneous injections are injected along the path of superficial nerves. Prolotherapy injections use a dextrose solution (sugar water) as an agent to facilitate healing and tissue repair. The dextrose solution works by immediately blocking the nerve endings that are responsible for the nerve pain and inflammation with the associated superficial nerves. This leads to healing beneath the nerve to deeper structures like the associated muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage of involved joints.

Patients with nerve pain can experience pain relief and improved range of motion within seconds. This therapy is an excellent treatment option for patients suffering from neuropathy, headaches, muscle pain, painful joints/ligaments, and fibromyalgia- to name a few! Most patients require 4-6 treatments for a mild-moderate condition with additional treatments for more severe conditions.

Why prolotherapy?
• Improve neuropathy pain
• Down regulate the inflammatory cascade
• Facilitate natural healing

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