Skin Therapies

At Regenerative Medicine & Biologics Institute we offer a variety of therapies that can enhance your natural beauty. Please click below to learn about our services specifically tailored to facial rejuvenation.


What is Exilis?

The BTL Exilis System is a radiofrequency (RF) device that delivers high energy in a controlled fashion to the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin.

  • There is NO PAIN associated with your treatment, only a moderate to intense sensation of heat which tells you that the treatment is achieving its goal.
  • There is NO ANESTHETIC required with BTL Exilis System treatments.
  • You may continue all medications, supplements and vitamins during your treatment period.
  • BTL Exilis System is NOT A LASER.

  • There is no skin peeling, pigment change or prolonged healing associated with its use.
  • The RF energy heats the undersurface of the skin causing collagen remodeling.

Your BTL Exilis System treatment will be administered by a thoroughly trained RF specialist.

Before you start?

If you are having a BTL Exilis System treatment we require you to please drink lots of water 2 days before, on the day of and for 4 days after your treatment to help improve lymphatic drainage. We will measure prior to your treatment to make sure that you have drank enough water for the treatment. If you have not drank enough water for the treatment we will reschedule for the following week. We also encourage light physical activity after your treatment to help

increase lymphatic drainage. Men and women with hair in the treatment area must shave the morning of the session.

What is the Post Procedure Care?

There is NO DOWN TIME associated with your treatments other than a brief period of redness and minor swelling. You can get back to your daily routine almost immediately.

How soon will I see Results?

Although you may see immediate results after your treatment session, the major portion of the clinical improvement is evident at 3 MONTHS following your LAST treatment.

How often are the treatments?

It is essential that your sessions be repeated at 7-14 DAY or 2-4 WEEK INTERVALS for 4 sessions. In order to see significant results, the BTL Exilis System treatment must be administered in this fashion.

Please note!

Patients with a pacemaker, metal implants or who are pregnant or nursing may NOT undergo RF treatments.

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