PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Exosomes, and Wharton's Jelly

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Exosomes, and Wharton's Jelly

by Kevin S. Smith, MD – Regenerative Medicines & Biologics Institute

  1. PRPcontains growth factors that promote tissue repair and regeneration. Cytokines are potent anti-inflammatories and they communicate with your body to reduce inflammation.
  2. Exosomes are nanosized extra cellular vesicles that contain growth factors, cytokines, and nucleic acids that are obtained from the placental tissue stem cell soup.
  3. Wharton’s Jelly is a product retrieved from the Wharton’s Jelly of the human umbilical cord. It contains growth factors for tissue repair and regeneration, hyaluronic acid (joint lubricant), cytokines (anti-inflammatory), proteins, and exosomes.

PRP with Exosomes

PRP’s growth factors are very effective alone, but this effect can be enhanced with the addition of exosomes. Exosomes can be utilized in joints, intravenously, hair restoration, and facial aesthetics.

Wharton’s Jelly VS Exosomes

The main difference between Wharton’s Jelly and Exosomes is that Wharton’s Jelly also contains the very important product of hyaluronic acid which is a joint lubricant. I prefer to utilize Wharton’s Jelly when treating joint conditions.

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